How To Make Money From Blogging Beginners Guide

As the title of this post that talks about free online business on the internet using a free blogspot blog for beginners, so below I try to make some answer according to my experience to create a blog and tried to monetize / make money from blogs, especially to friends who use free blogs like blogspot. To be more easily understood for my friends who are beginners, this is not a guide post in detail but perhaps a kind of quick overview on how to make money on the internet with a capital of a free blogspot blog, so I created a kind of posting frequently asked questions (the source of questions from friends email friend who had asked about the online business to email me and I will answer according to ability and experience as a blogger beginners), as below:

1. Do blogs with sub domain blogspot (blogger) can follow an online business.
Yes We Can.
If you create a blog on blogspot and you'll get a blog blogspot sub domain you can manage, for example my blog: Money Blogging, you can use a free blogspot blog to follow the online business without worrying about banned (on-suspend) by blogger (google)

2. Any online business that can be followed:
The following is an online business programs for free on the internet that the registration fee that I recommend:
a. Online business PPC (Pay per click) Local
b. Online b.bisnis foreign PPC like Google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser
c. Online business CPM (Cost Per Million) as axill, and various other CPM CPM can dilhat adsense here

c. Online business text link ads (selling links)
d. Online business affiliate, such as affiliate amazon, etc.
e. Paid to download, such as uploading files in ziddu dollars in pay-per-file download.
f.  Paid to review (PTR)
g. Paid to click (PTC), etc.

3. How does the PCC and what a trusted local ppc (realible)
Local PPC (pay per click), is an advertising program that brings the advertisers (advertisers) and publishers (bloggers) where you will be paid for every visitor who clicks ppc ads on the blog anda.ada ppc which also gives a certain fee per ad open / appear as 1000 times. (a combination of PPC and CPM)

To follow this ppc program, you must register with the site provider ppc, ppc and then copy the script that is in the member area, next to the blog entries ppc script, then when you opened your blog will show it advertising ppc
currently there are several local ppc that you can follow:
kumpulblogger, kliksaya, AdsenseCamp, ppc indo, Biindit, etc.
The amount of commission varies from Rp.150 until Rp.350/klik to regular advertising. Free registration fee.

4. Is a free blog can follow the Google adsense and how to work google adsense
Free blog blogspot can join google adsense.
Google Adsense is an advertising program based on ppc (owned by google) that you can follow to make money from your blog, there are some features / types of advertising programs offered by google adsense:

To account Indonesian language (when registering you use a blog in Indonesian language, and select Language "Indonesia") is only available google adsense for search, google adsense for feeds, google adsense for domains. If when registering you use google adsense blog in English and select the language "Home", there will be additional text adsense ads.

a. Google adsense for search, is a web search facility which is equipped with ads from google, income derived from visitors who click on ads, usually at the top of search page will show ads on the mark with box Ads by Google (the ads do not always appear, depending on the keyword typed in the search box).
b. Google adsense for feeds
Google adsense for feeds is google adsense program you can use to insert google iklam into your blog feed.
Example adsense for feeds can be found here:
Adsense feeds bahasa
Feeds Adsense Indonesia
c. Google adsense ads (text + image ads ads ads + video)
These ads are only there if you speak english blog accounts, can run well on a blog that content (content postingannya) speak English, but sometimes there are some bloggers who put in the Indonesian language blog. ad text ads sometimes appear sometimes only public ads (depending on keyword).
blog revenue comes from visitors who click the google ads are inserted on the blog.
Examples of my blog attached text ads google adsense ads can be found here: google adsense ads.
d. Google adsense for domain
Usually if the bloggers have a domain (domain buy pay), if hired several domains and have not had time to update / fill the posts into that domain, that domain is sometimes in the park on a site that provides domain service parking.Umumnya domains domain parking advertising program, on its Web site only contains links to the sponsor (advertising), if there are visitors coming into the site would be confused to get out because there is only ad links only, back and forth there click here will open the site click advertising, domain owner's income will be derived from visitors click against sponsored links.

5. Is Foreign language blog can join google adsense
Only English and several recommended languages blog (pay / free (blogspot)) can join google adsense program.

6. How do I join google adsense tips how to quickly approve google adsense
To speed up the blog received google adsense:
a. You must have a blog (can use blogspot, blogs are usually paid higher priority), I used to sign up to use google adsense with blog articles blogspot computer december 2008 (approved February 2009), then try their luck with a blog in English (google translate the results of translation ) included proposals by April 2009, praise was received in June 2009, so now all the blogs use the ads from google adsense account from bahasa. Until now there has been a paid domain blog, still loyal to the blogspot.
b. for posting at least 10 (more the better), use the content (the contents of the original post), the age of the blog at least 6 months (before the age of my blog is still 2 months straight because the list of capital trial and there is no rule of the blog age 6 months), should apply for google adsense you continue to update your blog, reduce the content of the blog that contains an affiliate link or link referral
c. When registering google adsense, ppc avoid similar program such as adbrite, bidvistizer, etc.
d. Use the template slightly modified, in order to seem more serious in developing blogs
e. Register your blog to google webmaster tools, and did verify your blog so google thinks you are going to deploy an seo techniques in developing blogs
f. Try Page rank up while waiting for the google adsense approve
g. Keep the amount of traffic (visitors) to grow while waiting for the google adsense approve
h. ... Pray ... and pray to Allah SWT, I hope the google team move to approve your blog, because that rate is approved or not your blog is google adsense marketing staff.

7. Can a blog with blogspot domain join text link ads online business (selling links)
For a friend blogspot users, do not need to be discouraged at this time there is a blog with blogspot domain has been taken into account by the service provider site text link ads (selling links)
Some examples of service provider sites that provide a text link ads publisher of the blog is a blogspot domain: Ask2link, TextLinkAds, blogrollplease, etc.
To be able to follow the text link ads you have to improve pagerank and traffic to your blog. If the PR blogs have 3 or more please join textlink ads.
Text link ads online business, just waiting for orders, if any advertiser who wants to put a link on your blog then you only need to put the link on the blog, and each month will be paid into your paypal account.

8. Can blogs blog with blogspot domain join Amazon's affiliate business online
Can. You simply register your blog to the amazon site, then take a scipt product links, widgets, online shop Amazon (online shop amazon) and is currently in blogger (english account) has no facility to integrate links and text editor amzon blogspot, so when you create a post you can add Amazon product links that relate to the theme of the posting, for example can be found here Clothes women's and man

9. Whether uploading a file in ziddu paying member.
Ziddu is a file sharing service, if you upload a file and upload the file you downloaded by someone else, then ziddu will pay you $ 0.001/file downloads. Duty you just upload the files to the site ziddu, then later spread to your blog or social networking sites. Excess ziddu usually uploaded file will be permanent (not removed by ziddu), if you use other file sharing site like mediafire, 4shared, rapidshare, etc.. if within a certain period no one download the file will sometimes be automatically deleted.
Ziddu Disadvantages: the download process more slowly than other file-sharing site.

Actually there are many online businesses that can be followed with only with blogspot blogs. Posting above I've made because the dollar has begun to make money, although still small). For a while till I post here first, other times in connection with details of more detail.
Online business success depends on your sincerity in doing business on the internet, do not easily terpanting with postings get millions to billions in a month. Start an online business from a small child might make a beginner can make money thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per month if it can grow to millions more per month without the need to consider leasing the domain and hosting costs. Since google already provide free domain and hosting is also free with unlimited bandwidth.
But it all depends on the sincerity to create a blog, content containing the keywords that high price for keywords, and optimized with SEO techniques for your blog visitors increased a lot with the visitor clicks the greater the opportunity, usually in the 1000 page view is 1 -2 clicks. If a day can bring more visitors then the number of clicks on his ads can be more.

The formulation in online business:
a. No free online business that can make money fast without effort in earnest. Do not be tempted by the slogan of producing tens of millions of money in a month, enough for beginners to make money hundreds of thousands per month per blog from free blog, decent credit to buy the internet, to survive and updated blog. Except if you have a lot of blogs with a decent pagerank tarfik and as seniors who have experienced in their online businesses usually get millions to tens of millions within a month.
b. Online business that you follow like those listed above could have this day to pay, and did not rule next month or next year will be a scam (cheat) / not paying member if the company went bankrupt. Even google online business class will possibly go bankrupt if not well-managed. So in online business there is no guarantee will pay forever.
c. Toughest task in running a business online using free blogs that bring visitors to the blog, the more guests the greater the opportunity the transaction, and can make money from online business program that followed.

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